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528. Substantive article unsupported by a particle.

HOMER uses the article as a substantive demonstrative with more freedom than the

ἀλλὰ τὰ μὲν πολίων ἒξ ἐπράθομεν, τὰ δέδασται”, HOM. Il. 1.125.

HDT. 1.51:καὶ τάδε ἄλλα ῾σξ. “ἀπέπεμπε”)ἅμα τοῖσι” . 5.97:καὶ πρὸς τοῖσι” . 7.8, b:δεύτερα δὲ ἡμέας οἷα ἔρξαν . . . τὰ1 ἐπίστασθέ κου πάντες” .

COM. Epicr. 3.370.4 f.: “ποία φροντίς, ποῖος δὲ λόγος” | “διερευνᾶται παρὰ τοῖσιν;

SOPH. The “τόν” of O. C. 1574 (Hermann) and of O. R. 200 is regarded as demonstrative by Ellendt, Lexicon Sophocleum, but as relative by Jebb.

AESCHYL. Eum. 137-8: “σὺ δ᾽ αἱματηρὸν πνεῦμ᾽ ἐπουρίσασα τῷ” | “ἕπου. 338: τοῖς ὁμαρτεῖν”. Sept. 197: “ἀνὴρ γυνή τε χὤ τι τῶν μεταίχμιον”. Suppl. 1047: “ τί τοι μόρσιμόν ἐστιν, τὸ γένοιτ᾽ ἄαν”.

PIND. O. 6.74-6 (see 529). P. 3.88-91: “λέγονται μὰν βροτῶν” | “ὄλβον ὑπέρτατον οἳ σχεῖν, οἵτε” . . . | “ἄιον”.

HOM. Od. 1.55: “τοῦ θυγάτηρ δύστηνον ὀδυρόμενον κατερύκει. 74: ἐκ τοῦ δή. 212: ἐκ τοῦ”, from that time. 215: “μήτηρ μέν τέ μέ φησι τοῦ ἔμμεναι. 220: τοῦ. 11.144: εἰπέ, ἄναξ, πῶς κέν με ἀναγνοίη τὸν ἐόντα”; Elsewhere.

Il. 1.73: “ σφιν ἐὺ φρονέων ἀγορήσατο”. 125 (see above). 301: “τῶν οὐκ ἄν τι φέροις. 348: ἅμα τοῖσι. 407: τῶν. 9.93: τοῖς γέρων πάμπρωτος ὑφαίνειν ἤρχετο μῆτιν. 22.165: τώ”.

1 So Stein, who, however, states in the critical note that “τά” is omitted by Dionysius, and rightly so. Krüger and Abicht both omit the “τά”.

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