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601. oi( polloi/, o)li/goi with demonstrative use of the article.

Of course the demonstrative (resumptive) force is not excluded.

τὸ . . . πρῶτον αὐτοῖς τοὺς ὀλίγους ἱππέας ἔπεμψαν”, THUC.6.88.1; At first they sent them the poor handful of cavalry (above mentioned).

DEM.9.59:καὶ τί δεῖ τὰ πολλὰ λέγειν”; And why is it necessary to talk this lot of stuff? (“τὰ πολλά” contemptuous.)

PLATO, Phaedr. 270A:ὧν δὴ πέρι τὸν πολὺν λόγον” (that interminable preachment) “ἐποιεῖτο Ἀναξαγόρας”.

THUC.1.86.1:τοὺς μὲν λόγους τοὺς πολλοὺς τῶν Ἀθηναίων οὐ γιγνώσκω. 2.51.5: καὶ τὰς ὀλοφύρσεις τῶν ἀπογιγνομένων τελευτῶντες καὶ οἱ οἰκεῖοι ἐξέκαμνον ὑπὸ τοῦ πολλοῦ κακοῦ νικώμενοι”. 6.88.1 (see above).

AR. Ran. 555: “καὶ τὰ σκόροδα τὰ πολλά. 558: τὸ πολὺ τάριχος οὐκ εἴρηκά πω”.

SOPH. El. 930-1: “τοῦ γὰρ ἀνθρώπων ποτ᾽ ἦν” | “τὰ πολλὰ πατρὸς πρὸς τάφον κτερίσματα”;

AESCHYL. fr. 353:ὡς οὐ δικαίως θάνατον ἔχθουσιν βροτοί”, | “ὅσπερ μέγιστον ῥῦμα τῶν πολλῶν κακῶν”.

PIND. O. 13.93-5: “ἐμὲ δ”(“”) . . . “παρὰ σκοπὸν οὐ χρὴ” | “τὰ πολλὰ βέλεα καρτύνειν χεροῖν”.

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