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146. Direct reflexive middle.

The interest may be that of the direct object. This is limited chiefly to natural or habitual actions. The only middle for self-murder is “ἀπάγξασθαι”, to hang oneself, which seems to have been the most natural form of suicide.

ἐπειδὴ δὲ ἐλούσατο”, PLATO , Phaedo, 116 B; After he had bathed himself (taken his bath).

DEM. [50]DEM., 35:λοῦσθαι ἐν βαλανείῳ”.

PLATO , Phaedo, 116 B (see above).

XEN. Cyr. 3.1.25: “οἱ μὲν ῥιπτοῦντες ἑαυτούς, οἱ δ᾽ ἀπαγχόμενοι, οἱ δ᾽ ἀποσφαττόμενοι”.

THUC.3.81.3:ἐκ τῶν δένδρων τινὲς ἀπήγχοντο”.

HDT.2.40:τύπτονται πάντες”, All beat their breasts (natural expression of grief). 2.131: “ παῖς ἀπήγξατο”, The maid hanged herself.

AR. Ach. 17: “ἐξ ὅτου ᾿γὼ ῥύπτομαι”, I scour myself. Av. 1163:ἀπονίψομαι” , I'll wash myself, i. e. my hands. Thesm. 230: “ποῖ στρέφει”; fr. 2.1100.9:ἀλλ᾽ ἀρτίως κατέλιπον αὐτὴν σμωμένην” | “ἐν τῇ πυέλῳ”.

PIND. O. 7.15: “ἄνδρα παρ᾽ Ἀλφειῷ στεφανωσάμενον”. Ibid. 80-1: “τῶν ἄνθεσι Διαγόρας” | “ἐστεφανώσατο δίς”. 12.17: “στεφανωσάμενος”.

SAPPHO, fr. 62:καττύπτεσθε κόραι”.

AM.16:κἠλειφόμην μύροισι καὶ θυώμασιν”.

HOM. Od. 5.491: “ὣς Ὀδυσεὺς φύλλοισι καλύψατο”.

Il. 10.576: “λοέσαντο”, They bathed themselves.

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