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478. *sxh=ma *)alkmaniko/n.

In poetry the plural or dual sometimes anticipates the plural or dual result and thrusts itself between the subjects.

μὲν δὴ θάρσος μοι Ἄρης τ᾽ ἔδοσαν καὶ Ἀθήνη”, HOM. Od. 14.216; Courage to me (did) Ares (give—nay) they did give, for I count Athena too.

AESCHYL. fr. 381:ὅπου γὰρ ἰσχὺς συζυγοῦσι καὶ δίκη”, | “ποία ξυνωρὶς τῆσδε καρτερωτέρα”;

Cf. PIND. P. 4.178-9: “πέμπε δ᾽ Ἑρμᾶς χρυσόραπις διδύμους υἱοὺς ἐπ᾽ ἄτρυτον πόνον”, | “τὸν μὲν Ἐχίονα, κεχλάδοντας ἥβᾳ, τὸν δ᾽ Ἔρυτον” (half-epic).1

ALCMAN, 9: “Κάστωρ τε πώλων ὠκέων δματῆρες, ἱππόται σοφοί”, | “καὶ Πωλυδεύκης κυδρός” (apposition).

HOM. Od. 10.513-4: “ἔνθα μὲν εἰς Ἀχέροντα Πυριφλεγέθων τε ῥέουσιν” | “Κωκυτός θ̓”. 14.216 (see above).

Il. 5.774: “ἧχι ῥοὰς Σιμόεις συμβάλλετον ἠδὲ Σκάμανδρος”. Cf. 20.138-9: “εἰ δέ κ᾽ Ἄρης ἄρχωσι” (so La Roche with most MSS. and Aristarchus; Cauer reads “ἄρχῃσι” with several MSS. and Zenodotus) “μάχης Φοῖβος Ἀπόλλων”, | “ Ἀχιλῆ᾽ ἴσχωσι καὶ οὐκ εἰῶσι μάχεσθαι”.

1 See B. L. G. ad loc.

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