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32. Ellipsis of masculine substantives.

When persons are not meant a substantive is understood. Ellipses of masculine substantives are rare but clear.

Κυζικηνός” (sc. “στατήρ”), The Cyzicene (a coin).

LYS. 12.11:τετρακοσίους κυζικηνούς” (sc. “στατῆρας”), but 32.6:τριάκοντα στατῆρας Κυζικηνούς” .

THUC.1.47.2, and elsewhere: “ πεζός” (sc. “στρατός”) (but “ πεζὸς στρατός,4.8.2 ). 3.107.1:τὸν Ἀμπρακικόν” (sc. “κόλπον”). 6.30.1:τὸν Ἰόνιον” (sc. “κόλπον”). 34.4: (similarly).

HDT. 3.25:τὸν πεζόν” . 4.128: πεζός” and “τὸν πεζόν” (twice) (but 1.80:τὸν πεζὸν στρατόν” ).

AR. Ach. 1229:ἄκρατον” (sc. “οἶνον”). Eq. 105:ἄκρατον . . . πολύν” . Ibid. 1187:ἔχε καὶ πιεῖν κεκραμένον τρία καὶ δύο” .

COM. FR. Mein. 3.462.13-4.ἐν ποτηρίῳ γλυκύν” (sc. “οἶνον”). 4.563: “ πρὸ τοῦ πιεῖν
τὸν ἄκρατον ἡμῶν
”. 4.352.420: “ πολὺς ἄκρατος ὀλίγ᾽ ἀναγκάζει φρονεῖν”, Much makes your senses crooked, if you take it straight.

EUR. Cycl. 569:ὅστις ἂν πίῃ πολύν” (sc. “οἶνον”). Ibid. 573.

HOM. Il. 9.203:ζωρότερον ῾σξ. “οἶνον̣̓ δὲ κέραιε” , Don't draw it too mild.

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