ἂν σώσειεν. Cf. III 417 A note The suggestion δὴ σώσει (Richards) is unnecessary: see Kühner Gr. Gr. II p. 977 b.

, D 20 αὐτοῦ τε -- εὖ πράττωμεν. I agree with Richards in taking τε as ‘both,’ not ‘and,’ and the καί before ἐνθάδε as ‘and,’ not ‘both.’ Schneider holds the opposite view, urging that “qui praemia virtutis reportat, eum inter reportandum et sibi et diis amicum esse oportet. Eo igitur tempore sibi diisque amicus ut sit, contendere non magis potest, quam ut vincat, quum palmam fert victoriae.” This is true enough, but a similar objection may be made against Schneider's own solution, which makes Plato say ἵνα, ἐπειδὰνκομιζώμεθαεὖ πράττωμεν: and, with Schneider's construction, the repetition καὶ ἐνθάδε is also, as Richards says, ‘very weak.’ Beginning as if he would say ‘both here and hereafter’ Plato elaborates the ‘hereafter’ into ἐπειδὰνκομιζώμεθα, not without some sacrifice of logical coherence.

περιαγειρόμενοι: i.q. περιιόντες καὶ ἀγειρόμενοι. Cf. Tim. Lex. Plat. s.v. περιαγειρόμενοι νικηφόροι and Ruhnken's note. ἐπαγερμός was the name for this kind of ‘stipis collectio.’ The poet Gray proposed περιαγόμενοι, but the text is sound. For the imagery from the games see on V 465 D note

διεληλύθαμεν. J. and C. think there is “a playful suggestion of our having made the pilgrimage ourselves.” I do not believe Plato means more than merely ‘we have described.’

εὖ πράττωμεν. On εὖ πράττωμεν see the third Platonic epistle ad init. and Bernays Lucian u. die Kyniker pp. 3, 88. The Republic fitly ends with an adaptation of Plato's favourite phrase of salutation and farewell.

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