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καὶ ὅτι -- λέγεις. ‘And also that what you say is true’ etc. Socrates identifies Adimantus with his hypothetical objector in 487 D; cf. σε λέγειν in D below. Another possibility—less good, I think—is to take ὅτι as introducing a direct address: “and say to him also ‘You speak truly, when you say’” etc. λέγειν is found in a few inferior MSS; and λέγει, which Stallbaum and Baiter adopt, occurs in Par. D. λέγειν is indefensible, and the corruption of λέγειν or λέγει to λέγεις is exceedingly improbable here. On τοίνυν=‘also’ see I 339 D note

τοὺς μὴ χρωμένους. Those who will not use them are to blame for their uselessness. The etymological figure is of course intentional.

οὐ γὰρ ἔχει φύσιν κτλ. See 488 D note

τοὺς σοφοὺς κτλ. “The learned pate Ducks to the golden fool” (Timon of Athens IV 3). See also VIII 568 A note The author of the saying was, according to Aristotle (Rhet. II 16. 1391^{a} 8 ff.), Simonides. Being asked on one occasion by Hiero's queen whether it was better to be a man of genius (σοφός) or rich, he replied “Rich; for men of genius are found at the court of the rich”—a characteristic reply, by which the courtliest of ancient poets contrived to flatter the queen without forgetting himself. (It should be remembered that σοφός often means ‘poet’.) There is no reason for supposing (with e.g. Teichmüller Lit. Fehd. I p. 102) that Plato attributed the saying to Aristippus, although a witticism on the subject is ascribed both to him (D. L. II 8. 69) and to Antisthenes (Winckelmann Antisth. Frag. p. 58). Plato liked to get his knife into Simonides: see I 331 E ff.

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