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441C - 443B Thus we see that the soul contains within itself the same kinds or elements as our city. It follows that the individual is wise, brave etc. in the same way and in virtue of the same internal elements. We are therefore just when each of our psychological factors does its own work. Reason should rule, with Spirit for its obedient ally; and both of them together, harmonised by music and gymnastic, will control Desire, and ward off foreign enemies from soul and body. The individual is brave in virtue of the element of Spirit, if in spite of pain and pleasure that element continues faithful to the commands of Reason touching what should and should not be feared; wise, by reason of the part of soul that rules and knows; temperate, through the harmony of ruled and ruler on the question which shall rule; and just, in virtue of our oftrepeated principle. We may examine our view of Justice by various tests derived from the popular connotation of the word, and we shall find that we are right.

ff. The parallel between the City and the Soul is maintained throughout this section. Like the City, the Soul is also wise and brave, in virtue of the wisdom and courage of its parts, and temperate and just for similar reasons (see on τί τὴν πόλιν προσαγορεύεις 428 D); the relation between λογιστικόν, θυμοειδές, and ἐπιθυμητικόν is the same as that between the three orders of the city (see however on 442 C); and the specific virtues are defined in the same way. Finally, as Justice in the State was at last identified with Righteousness or Moral Perfection, so likewise is Justice in the soul (442 E—443 B).

ὁμολογεῖται . ὡμολογεῖται (sic) q^{1}: ὡμολόγηται q^{2} (with Stob. Flor. 9. 64). The present, ‘we pretty well agree,’ is satisfactory enough.

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