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, C In all that appertains to temples and religious worship, as well as services paid to the dead, Apollo, the guide of our fathers, and indeed of all mankind, shall direct us.

τί οὖν κτλ. With this section of the Republic we should compare V 461 E, 469 A, VII 540 C, and Laws 738 B ff. Plato would fain be no iconoclast: his object is to purify, rather than to abolish, the old religion. He tries, in short, to put new wine into old bottles. In particular, when he makes Apollo preside at the foundation of his city (οἰκίζοντές τε πόλιν οὐδενὶ ἄλλῳ πεισόμεθα), he is acting in accordance with the universal custom of the Greeks, who consulted the oracle at Delphi before planting colonies, and revered him as the universal ἀρχηγέτης and οἰκιστής (Preller Gr. Myth. p. 269). It is equally in harmony with Hellenic, and especially Athenian, usage to refer all matters of public worship to Apollo: see on 427 C. Delphi was the abiding centre of Greek religious and political unity; and it is therefore right that a Greek city (V 470 E), one of whose objects is to promote unity and comity among Greeks (ib. 469 B ff.), should attach itself to Apollo.

τῷ μέντοι Ἀπόλλωνι κτλ. Cf. Mem. I 3. 1 (of Socrates) φανερὸς ἦν καὶ ποιῶν καὶ λέγων, ᾗπερ Πυθία ἀποκρίνεται τοῖς ἐρωτῶσι, πῶς δεῖ ποιεῖν περὶ θυσίας περὶ προγόνων θεραπείας περὶ ἄλλου τινὸς τῶν τοιούτων. The answer of the priestess was ‘Serve the gods νόμῳ πόλεως’ (l.c. and IV 3. 16). The spirit in which we worship matters, rather than whom or how we worship. So large and tolerant a sentiment is worthy of the Delphic priesthood and of Plato.

τελευτησάντων τε. See cr. n. Asyndeton is indefensible here. We must either with all the editors (except J. and C.) read τε, or add καί after θεραπεῖαι.

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