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ἴτω is a defiance of the possible consequences (‘happen what may’): cp. Eur. Med. 819(Medea, having taken her resolve to kill the children) “ἴτω: περισσοὶ πάντες οὑν μέσῳ λόγοι”.

ποήσω. Numerous Attic inscriptions of the 5th and 4th centuries B.C. show that in this verb the letter ι was regularly omitted before a following E-sound (“ε” or “η”), though never before an O-sound (“ο” or “ω”): hence (e.g.) “ποεῖ, ποήσας”, but “ποιοῦσι, ποιῶν”. It should be noted that “πο-” and “ποι-”, according as the E- or O-sound follows, sometimes occur in the same inscription: thus in C. I. A. 167, 55 (of 334—326 B.C.) we find “ποιῶν” (thrice) in company with “ποήσας”. The omission of ι before the E-sound was not, indeed, rigorous; thus an Attic inscription of the 5th cent. B.C. gives “Εὔφρων ἐξεποίησ᾽ οὐκ ἀδαὴς Πάριος”: but the facts prove that it was usual. See Meisterhans, Gramm. d. Att. Inschriften, p. 27. As to L, its practice is not constant. It almost always gives “πο”, not “ποι”, before “ε” or “η”, when the first syllable is short,—as here, and in vv. 552, 752, 926, 1010. In a few such places where the first hand had written “ποι” it has been corrected to “πο”. But there are also a few places where “ποι” remains. See Appendix. In writing ποήσω, etc., I. rely primarily on the epigraphic evidence belonging to the poet's own time: but L's prevailing practice must also be considered as strengthening the grounds for believing that those inscriptions represent the general rule.

πᾶσαν αἰσχύνην ἀφείς. This verse does not (as some have objected) mark an abrupt change of mind; that change has come by a series of steps which the poet has indicated by light touches (91 ff., 110, 116, 118). Rather this very phrase hints that the feeling shown in v. 110 still lingers with him. He will do the deed, but there is still a sense of “αἰσχύνη” which it costs an effort to shake off. These are the words of one who may yet feel remorse.

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