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αὐτόξυλον, ‘of mere wood,’ means here, ‘of wood not artistically treated’; the piece of wood remained as nearly in its original state as was compatible with its serving for a cup. Cp. fr. com. 322 “αὐτόποκον ἱμάτιον”, a cloak of rough wool: Alexis “Κύπριος” 2 “τὸν δ᾽ αὐτόπυρον ἄρτον”, the loaf of unbolten wheat-flour: see O.C. 192 “αὐτοπέτρου βήματος” n.

φλαυρουργοῦ: seemingly the only extant instance of the form “φλαῦρος” in a compound adj.

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